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僑光資訊科技系Department of Information Technology

僑光資訊科技系Department of Information Technology

Human-Computer Interaction Lab

Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory

Location: 8922


Human Computer Interaction Training, Virtual Reality, Interactive Motion-Sensing Game Design,

Interactive Presentation Technology, Augmented Reality, Intelligent Living Technology, Practice Interface Design


Humans interact with computers in many ways; and the interface between humans and the computers they use is crucial to facilitating this interaction.

As a field of research, human-computer interaction is situated at the intersection of computer science, behavioral sciences, design, media studies, and several other fields of study.

The main research topics in the HCI Lab include:

l   Information visualization

l   Virtual reality and haptic applications

l   Novel presentation techniques

l   Collaborative HCI applications

l   Novel user interfaces (guesture, sound etc.)

l   Interaction techniques and technologies

l   Wearable computing and interaction

l   Haptic systems interaction

l   New devices and sensors

l   Usability, Accessibility & User experience

l   User-centred design

l   Evaluation methods and frameworks

l   Human-centred design practices and methods

l   Do It Yourself and tools

l   Multimodal interaction and interfaces