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僑光資訊科技系Department of Information Technology

僑光資訊科技系Department of Information Technology

Cloud Computing Classroom

Cloud Computing Classroom

Location: 8908

8908 Cloud Laboratory provides students with control and visibility all the way down to the bare metal.

Cloud Laboratory is a software research and development within actively engaged in the design and

development of computing systems and applications that aggregate or lease services of distributed resources

depending on their availability, capability, performance, cost , and users' quality-of-service requirements.


8908 Cloud Laboratory provides an entire cloud inside of Cloud Lab takes only minutes.

Most Cloud Lab resources provide hard isolation from other users, so it can support many of simultaneous slices,

with each getting an artifact-free environment suitable for scientific experimentation study with new cloud architectures.

Run standard cloud software stacks such as OpenStack and Hadoop. build students own from the ground up.